VA Mortgage Loans & Rates

If you qualify for a loan backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, it’s possible to buy a home with no money down. You get the loan from us here at Direct Mortgage, Corp. and the VA Guarantees it.

There is no mortgage insurance with a VA loan, but you do have to pay an upfront funding fee. You can reduce the funding fee by making a down payment, but no down payment is actually needed. You can place the funding fee into the loan amount.

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We are here to help with VA Home Loan needs for either a Purchase or Refinance.

VA loans can be used to refinance an existing mortgage with either the Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL)  Streamline Refinance or a Cash Out Refinance Mortgage. VA Loans are issued by Direct Mortgage, Corp and then guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Some of the Benefits of using a VA Loan option

  1. Lower Interest Rates
  2. No Down Payment Required
  3. No Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premiums
  4. Less than ideal Credit usually accepted
  5. Ability to finance the VA Funding Fee
  6. 90% Cash out Refinance

If you desire to move forward with a VA Loan you will need to obtain your Certificate of Eligibility through the VA Portal.

Here is the website to start the Certificate of Eligibility process:

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